Friday, November 2, 2012

A Healthy Approach to Prostate Health

Although there’s nothing that can guarantee to protect you from prostate problems but you can do a lot to develop prostate health. If you’ve seen a father or older man suffer with an enlarged prostate, then you know that that you want to run as far from that as you can.

If you haven’t seen anyone close to you suffer with prostate problems, it is a very humbling and painful experience. It involves losing control of something so basic as urinating. People with enlarged prostates have to visit the men’s room frequently, even in the night and are always searching for the next restroom. It’s goodbye to long road trips or unfamiliar surroundings. Additionally, urinating is painful and does not feel complete.

If you don’t already struggle with this common problem, chances are you might. 50% of men over 60 suffer from prostate issues and 90% of men over 85 suffer as well. There are a few important things you can do to reduce the risk of developing prostate problems but it involves getting fit and eating right.

Getting Fit
You know that exercise is good for you but do you know that it’s not an option. Many men say, I like to exercise but just don’t get the time to. Exercise is so important that you have to make time for it. It’s not something you get to choose to do, it’s a commitment to health that you do no matter how you feel about it.
1.      Even an hour of just plain walking everyday is great. You can start with 30 minutes and then run or brisk walk for another 30. You don’t need to get to the gym, you can walk anywhere. When you have an opportunity to take the stairs, take them! You might have to wake up earlier to walk or stay up later but it is well worth it for prostate health.
  1. The more rigorous physical activity you do, the less likely you are to develop enlarged prostate. So if you like playing a sport—soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming—it’s a great way to work-out and have a lot of fun too!
  2. Switch up your exercise routine and do weights at least once a week. However, studies have shown that all things equal, cardiovascular exercises are more beneficial for prostate health. Doing specific pelvic exercises also helps develop continence.

Eating Right
Train yourself to follow the general habits of healthy eating.
1.      Eat les red meat. It’s fatty and can easily be replaced.
2.      Eat at least 5 (but 9 would be better) servings of fruits and vegetables. It can be in the form of a soup too and potatoes don’t count! Vegetables with different colors have different antioxidants that are very healthy. Eat lots of broccoli and cabbage too.
  1. As much as possible, switch to whole grain products in bread, pasta and cereal. Try out brown rice too.
  2. If you’re using vegetable oil, start using canola oil instead. It’s an easy switch that makes the world of different when it comes to eating the right fats.
  3. Choose your snacks carefully. Don’t go for processed foods but try to stick to fruits or nuts.
  4. Keep asking yourself if you are full while eating and stop eating when you are even if it tastes like heaven. Chances are you’ll get to eat it again and it’s just food after all.
  5. There are specific minerals and plant sterols that the prostate needs. It’s most convenient to ask your doctor for a good prostate supplement like Super Beta Prostate that contains beta-sitosterol that promotes prostate health. Watch out for Super Beta Prostate scam. Read Super Beta Prostate reviews to know what others have experienced by using this product. It also contains 12 other minerals and nutrients that are necessary of prostate and overall health.

Hopefully, these short tips will help you change your lifestyle enough to regain prostate health or protect yourself from prostate problems in the future. 

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