Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More than a prostate supplement

Getting tired of taking 15 pills a day is just part of being human. It is understandably very tiresome to keep track of all the medications that seniors have to take these days. Wouldn’t it be great if some of those pills could be condensed into one pill? If you’re taking a prostate supplement, wouldn’t it be better to take more than just a supplement for the prostate gland?  Let’s consider how Super BetaProstate supplement can be more for you than a simple prostate supplement.

Super Beta Prostate contains beta-sitosterol and other plant sterols in high amounts. Those are its main ingredients that have been shown to promote prostate health. Since these sterols are derived from plants, they are all natural. But that would be enough to make just a good prostate supplement.  In addition to beta-sitosterol, here are the supporting nutrients it contains.

  •       Vitamin D: There are so many ways the body uses and needs vitamin D. According to a Johns Hopkins Medicine, vitamin D plays a vital role in building immunity and preventing all kinds of disorders including prostate conditions. I’m sure all of us have been told at some point or another to get a morning walk and soak in the Vitamin D. That’s because the rays of the sun in the morning help increase Vitamin D in your body that is essential.
  •       Zinc: Zinc is believed by many to singularly be able to reduce the symptoms related to the prostate. Zinc deficiency has been thought to be one of the causes or contributors in the least to various prostate issues. But zinc is necessary for cognitive and motor function, libido and appetite.
  •       Selenium: Toxic in excess amounts, Selenium is essential for the body in trace amounts. It has recently been recognized as an element necessary for better thyroid functioning and other complex body functions.
  •       Copper: Copper is also essential for the human body in trace amounts. Copper aids the intake of iron and knowing how important iron is, can you even imagine how badly copper deficiency could affect your body?
  •       Manganese: This essential trace element is concentrated in the kidneys and liver of the human body but is also useful in the brain.
  •       Chromium: Chromium is a controversial element but some are convinced that it is also vital for sugar and fat metabolism.
  •        Molybdenum: The deficiency of this interesting element has been strongly linked with cancer of the esophagus. It is also concentrated in the kidneys and liver.
  •       Silicon: Silicon is an ultra-trace element but is thought to play an significant role in the normal growth of bone.
  •       Vanadium: Vanadium has known to influence insulin and has been used by diabetics to improve glucose control.
  •      Boron: Boron is an element that is necessary and recommended in small quantities and might help in suppression of osteoporosis.

It’s quite obvious that this supplement can do more than just support prostate health. It can provide essential nutrients for the entire body and maybe you can take one pill less everyday because of Super Beta Prostate

Friday, January 25, 2013

Natural Weapons against Prostate Problems

What really causes prostate problems still remains a mystery to us. We know that the size increases with age. We know how the prostate gland can become complicated and develop cancer but why is a question that is still out of our reach.

What is in our reach is treating different prostate conditions. But even these treatments are not full proof. Sometimes the side-effects of drugs might be worse than the problem was and sometimes a simple biopsy can lead to infection. Surgery always has its own risks but is usually the last option.  So men who these conditions are constantly searching out quick fixes for prostate infections and they try to think outside the box to try and find solutions for the urinary problems that most of them face daily.

Natural Supplements
Even though you probably hear advertisements of Super BetaProstate Supplement 10 times a day, have you stopped to really consider why so many men swear by it? Thousands of genuine Super Beta Prostate Supplement review providing relief without side-effects are all over the internet. But if it does work, then why does it work?

It works because of the ingredients it contains.
1.      Beta-Sitosterol: This is a plant derivative that has been used for promoting prostate health for decades. It was shown to be useless in small doses but this supplement product is one of the few that has enough beta-sitosterol and other plant sterols (600mg) to make it effective in reducing inflammation of the prostate and relaxing muscles that together lowers the discomfort that men feel. Not surprisingly, beta-sitosterol is not only a great supplement for your prostate but is commonly recommended to lower cholesterol levels too so you can kill both those birds with this one stone.
2.      Other Minerals: In addition to the sterols, this supplement contains 12 other minerals that feed the prostate. You might not get these minerals from your food everyday and some are required in such small amounts that they are often neglected. They are Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iodine, Chromium, Molybdenum, Selenium, vitamin D, Silicon, Boron, Vanadium and Germanium.

Since there are no added major chemical components, the product has no side-effects like the other drugs. Since Super Beta Prostate is a dietary supplement, it should be taken to supplement one’s diet. The medication your doctor advises should never be completely substituted with any dietary supplement.

Nature’s Way:
The other natural way to lower your PSA and improve the health of your prostate would be to remember to eat, sleep and exercise.
·     Eating 8-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day is ideal but you can get by with 5-6. This might seem impossible at first but if you like fruits, you’ll get used to it quickly.
·        Sleeping is just as important at exercising. People who do not get a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night are not giving their bodies enough time to heal from the daily wear and tear it undergoes.
·       Exercising is very obvious suggestion for better prostate health—in fact if you do regular exercise you will probably enjoy every aspect of growing old a whole lot more.

So it is. There are no short-cuts or quick-fixes to get a healthier prostate. You have to work for it by living a healthy lifestyle and maybe taking some reliable natural supplements. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fast Food and the fast track to a bad prostate

The fastest way to develop various prostate conditions is to live an unhealthy life style. What does that mean? What are the things that need to change in your life if you want to decrease the likelihood of developing prostate conditions that prevent you from enjoying life in the latter years? You have to face the fact that you can’t keep putting whatever you want into your mouth without long-term consequences.

Tips on eating healthy
  •  Eat a salad or fruit before and after a meal.
  • Eat smaller snacks between meals and try and eat fruits as those snacks.
  • Stop drinking sodas on a daily basis. It has been shown that people who drink a can of any soda daily are voluntarily increasing their chances of prostate cancer.
  • Cut down on the deep fried foods. Fast foods, especially deep-fried foods usually go through a lot of steps of processing and they lose nutritional value at every step. In general, buy foods that are not processed and more natural.
  • Specifically for better prostate health, find a good natural supplement like Super Beta Prostate Supplement that you trust. It will make all the different even if you start taking it before you have any prostate issues. Read Super Beta Prostate Supplement reviews and decide which way to go.
Tips on breaking bad habits

Bad Habit #1:  While Watching Football: You don’t need me to tell you that what you eat during a game of football is probably the largest quantity of unhealthy food you eat. Now you don’t have to get rid of your favorite foods but you can substitute low fat options and also add in some snacks that are actually healthy like baby carrots. Watch how much you eat because you will probably eat a lot more than you need to satiate your hunger.

Bad Habit #2:  On a road-trip: Have you noticed that sitting in a car for a long period of time makes you crave a bag of Cheetos and more food than you would eat if you were busy with everyday life? If you’re habitually drinking coke or eating chips to stay awake on a road trip, might I suggest drinking flavored water instead and snacking on nuts.

Bad Habit #3:  Home alone: The next bad habit is the way you eat when no one’s looking, when you’re home alone. Do you find yourself eating a whole gallon of ice-cream when your wife’s out for the week-end? Prostate health is not too difficult but binge eating or drinking is not going to help you stay fit.

Working out

Some men love to work out and that’s great for a healthy body and a healthy prostate too. But others have sedentary lifestyles where getting up from a chair to get coffee is the most exercise they get. For those men, I recommend finding an activity you love to do like playing soccer and getting together with people to play 3-4 times a week. Later on both your body and your prostate will thank you for this.

So we’ve seen that prostate health is as easy or as difficult as staying healthy overall and choosing to live a lifestyle that allows you to make better choices for your future, so that you can enjoy retirement without the aches and pains.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warning Signs of an Expanding Prostate

The prostate gland, a tiny gland with many important functions in the human body, is located in the pelvic area in males. It is situated below the bladder and in front of the rectum. It encircles the urethra, the duct that transports semen and urine out of the body. The prostate is responsible for the synthesis of a fluid that nourishes and protects the sperm and is part of the semen. This gland undergoes two distinct phases of growth during a lifetime. It doubles in size during a boy's adolescent years and then becomes stable till a man reaches middle age. At this stage, some men experience a second growth phase, which is known as prostate enlargement. The exact reason for this is largely unknown, but experts think age and lifestyle have a lot to do with an expanding prostate.

When the prostate expands, it pushes the bladder up and squeezes around the urethra. The bladder, when pressed, triggers the urge to urinate. But the flow of urine through the urethra is obstructed because it is compressed because the prostate is pushing upon it. This cycle of an intense need to urinate but unable to do so satisfactorily is the bane of an expanding prostate.

Warning signs of an expanding prostate
  •            Constant urge to urinate
  •            A feeling that the bladder isn’t empty even after multiple bathroom trips
  •            Difficulty in starting a urine stream
  •            Feeble and hesitant urine flow, which often starts and stops
  •            Straining and forcing while urinating
  •            Leaking after urine flow has ended
  •            Frequency of urination increases at night 

Now that you're aware of the characteristic signs of an enlarging prostate, you should also know that these can be managed just by integrating a few simple yet effective lifestyle changes related to diet and exercise. A diet rich in zinc and essential vitamins, smart fats, and fiber is necessary for a healthy prostate. Along with diet, supplements help to relieve urinary flow troubles. A natural, nonprescription product is Super Beta Prostate Supplement, which contains plant esters that reduce swelling by binding to the prostate gland. When the swelling subsides, so do the urinary troubles. Men who really wish to address their urinary symptoms should go through SuperBeta Prostate testimonials to understand how this product has helped hundreds of men.

If you're afflicted by one or more of the symptoms above, take a doctor's advice on how to best manage the condition. Go for a prostate exam regularly - it will help to spot any abnormalities with the prostate gland in time. Prostate enlargement is a common condition in men. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it, educate yourself about it so you don’t have to suffer and let it disrupt your quality of life.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Prostate Health : What you should be doing?

Super Beta Prostate Reviews
Making conscientious decisions about your diet and exercise regime can go a long way in maintaining prostate health. What you eat and how well you look after yourself undoubtedly affects your prostate health. Here’s a look at some of the healthiest foods you can eat to maintain good prostate health.

Ideally, a diet that is low in red meat and saturated fats and high is fresh vegetables, fiber and seafood is advisable to men of all ages. Your diet should include:

  • Alliums: Alliums are bulbous plants such as garlic, scallions, spring onions, onions, chives and leeks that have numerous health benefits associated with them. One of the main health benefits of eating alliums is that it keeps the prostate functioning properly.
  • Cruciferous vegetables: Cruciferous vegetables are those that belong to the cabbage family. These include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, bok choy, kale, collard greens, Brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, Chinese cabbage, Napa cabbage, arugula, land and water cress etc are some example of cruciferous vegetables. Not only are they rich in anti-oxidants, but also vitamin C, soluble fiber, multiple nutrients and phytochemicals.
  • Good carbs: Eliminate all sorts of white carbs from your diet and instead include good carbs found in fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains such as whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta, brown or wild rice, cereals such as oat bran, millets, bulgur, wheat berries, millet, or hulled barley, quinoa etc. These carbs are high in fiber and nutrients and have a relatively low glycemic index.
  • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids have been known to help better heart health, decrease triglyceride levels and blood pressure. Try to include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to your diet such as salmon, anchovies and Bluefin tuna. Cook your food in olive oil and choose healthy fats such as nuts and avocados.
  • Foods rich in anti-oxidants: Foods such as tomatoes, watermelons, pink grapefruits, guava and papaya contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. The body absorbs lycopene better when eaten with a little fat so try to sprinkle some olive oil on your salads or add it to your tomato-based soups or sauces.
  • Selenium-rich foods: Eat more selenium-rich foods such as wheat germ, seafood and shellfish, beef liver, kidney, eggs, sunflower and sesame seeds, cashews, mushrooms, garlic and onions. Selenium-rich foods support good prostate health and are important for the proper functioning of our immune system.

  • Natural supplements: Some men prefer taking health supplements to support healthy prostate functions such as Super Beta Prostate. Natural supplements are preferred by most so it is always advisable to read a few reviews of supplement before taking it. For example, if you read a Super Beta Prostate review, you’ll find that its ingredients include vitamin D, selenium and mixed sterols from natural plant sources.

The key to a healthy, proper functioning prostate is leading an active lifestyle. Maintain a healthy weight and try to exercise at least four times a week, avoid smoking and you should be good to go!