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Beta-sitosterol – In a Nutshell

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Beta-sitosterol is a substance found in most plants. In molecular structure it resembles a molecule of cholesterol. Many people take it in supplement form because it has a vast number of medicinal uses. Men swear that it helps them cope with the symptoms related to prostate trouble. But isn’t it always better to get the complete picture before you decide to take a natural supplement? Could it interact with any drugs you’re already taking? How effective should you expect it to be? Here’s what beta-sitosterol can do for you in a nutshell.

What beta-sitosterol is and how it works

Beta-sitosterol is a compound that’s very similar to cholesterol and because of that it can limit the amount of cholesterol that enters the body. It might also help bind to the prostate and so reduce inflammation. This gives relief from many common prostate symptoms. These are just the primary and most likely ways beta-sitosterol works.

Common Effects

1. Cholesterol: It’s important to understand that while beta-sitosterol has long been established as effective in lowering bad cholesterol, it has little effect on increasing good cholesterol. Making dietary changes can help increase your body’s good cholesterol and work together with beta-sitosterol.
2. Prostate: Supplements like Super Beta Prostate Supplement contain beta-sitosterol and other plant sterols in high amounts. Beta-sitosterol has been shown to support prostate health and even reduce some prostate symptoms but it does not shrink the prostate in many lasting way. It is an effective supplement to other medications or procedures.

Controlling any of these conditions requires a lifestyle that is cautious but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat the things you love at all. Sometimes reading how other people deal with prostate or cholesterol conditions can give you good ideas. Super Beta Prostate review are a good place to start reading.

Common Side-effects

Taking beta-sitosterol in supplement form is really quite safe for most people. Some experience mild symptoms like nausea and other problems like indigestion. For women who are pregnant, there isn’t enough research to guarantee how safe beta-sitosterol is and it’s not worth the risk.

Common Interactions

Surprisingly, there aren’t as many interactions that beta-sitosterol has with other medication. It is still a good idea to consult your doctor before starting to take any dietary supplement. Here are two known medications that beta-sitosterol interacts with: Ezetimibe (Zetia) and Pravastatin (Pravachol). The good news is that the interactions with these medications is not harmful in anyway—it only reduces the full effect that beta-sitosterol would have had.

Beta-sitosterol is a great, safe, all-natural way for both men and women to improve their health. Nothing else quite competes with the benefits of this plant derivative. The amount of beta-sitosterol in most supplements is so high that there’s no way anyone could eat that many vegetables in one day. It’s a supplement that people of all ages should consider but is especially beneficial for individual over 50. Consider it, research it and ask your family physician about it.

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