Monday, March 25, 2013

Prostate Problems: Dos and Don’ts

Prostate problems are all too common as men age. Men often neglect prostate health or are simply unaware about the significance of a healthy prostate, and the complications involved if the prostate grows in size during middle age. This growth in the size of the prostate gland which occurs during a man’s middle age is the most common prostate health condition. Statistics claim that nearly 1 in 3 men will suffer a growing prostate.

The most common side effect of a growing prostate is urinary flow trouble. When the prostate grows, it compresses the bladder and the urethra, resulting in heightened urination. But urine flow is hindered because the urethra is constricted. This can cause major inconvenience to some men. Imagine rushing out from an important meeting to visit the bathroom, or waking up every hour at night because of a full bladder, only to find to your horror that you can’t even urinate properly! So here are some dos and don’ts for those men who are at risk for a growing prostate or are already suffering from the condition.

Dos and Don’ts for Prostate Problems

Making a few lifestyle changes will improve prostate health. They don’t reverse prostate growth, but can certainly make a huge difference when it comes to those frustrating urinary flow problems.

  1. Your diet is the most crucial factor. Eating a lot of processed food, oily or junk food, and lots of animal products can damage prostate health. Focus on including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthful fats in your diet. Cook at home. Limit the take-aways and fast food restaurant trips. It’ll help you cut back on so much unhealthy food, and since it’s made at home, you’ll know what’s exactly you’re feeding your body!
  2. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices. Say no to caffeinated and carbonated beverages. Alcohol is a strict no-no too!
  3. Use of nutritional supplements has proved advantageous to many men. Take Super Beta Prostate for example. It contains Beta Sitosterol, a plant sterol that sticks to the prostate gland and inhibits inflammation. This reduces the number of bathroom trips and alleviates age-related discomfort.
  4. Make love more often! No, that’s not a joke! Regular sexual intercourse flushes out the fluid buildup in the prostate, keeping it healthy.
  5. Work out. If you aren’t physically active, your health will deteriorate. You don’t have to take up intense and rigorous exercises, but something as simple as walking a couple of miles every day will yield increased health benefits. Men who follow a workout regimen regularly report fewer prostate issues.
  6. Perform Kegel exercises. They strengthen bladder muscles, and help regain better control over urination.

A majority of prostate sufferers will find immense relief if they follow these dos and don’ts. Begin by reading a few Super Beta Prostate testimonials to understand how its use has helped hundreds of men overcome their problems, tweak your diet to include healthier food, cook more often at home, and get up a few minutes earlier every day to exercise, and you’ll find it has made a world of difference to your aging prostate!

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