Friday, April 19, 2013

Caring for the Prostate with Good Nutrition

If you’re a man over 50, you should know that prostate disease is one of the most common complaints faced by older men. Some men witness a prostate growth spurt which begins around fifty years of age, and continues thereafter. Why is this a problem? The prostate as well know is snuggled below the bladder and envelops the urethra. When it expands, it exerts undue pressure on these two organs, invariably interfering with urinary flow and ejaculation. Though not always painful, prostate growth can be extremely annoying and embarrassing for some men, as it can cause frequent urination.
Fortunately, embarking on a healthy diet can prove beneficial for prostate sufferers or those at high risk. Certain nutritional strategies can make sure that your prostate stays healthy for a longer duration of time and help you deal effectively with the effects of such a disease.

Caring for the Prostate with Nutrition

  • Eating fruits and vegetables substantially cuts down the risk of prostate issues. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage contain plant compounds that lower the risk of harmful prostate disease. Lycopene, found in tomatoes, grapefruit, papaya, apricots, and watermelon is a powerful antioxidant that fights off prostate disease. Have different colored fruits and veggies, as they all contain unique nutrients that ward off disease.
  • Fats are essential to the body, but not all are good.Know which fats are good for you. Healthful fats are the ones found in flaxseed, canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil, fatty fish, eggs, coconuts, and avocados, andall types of nuts.
  • Research suggests men who eat soy-based products face reduced risk of prostate complications. Soy is also a good source of protein, so substitute soy for meat or animal products.
  • Try a nutritional supplement. They contain herbal and plant-based products that foster prostate health. Read a Super Beta Prostate review for more information. It states how this dietary supplement alleviates severe urinary flow trouble by reducing prostate inflammation and helping men sleep better and more focused and alert the next day.Its primary ingredient is Beta Sitosterol, a plant sterol derivedfrom fruits, legumes, and nuts. Saw palmetto and stinging nettle root are other types of herbs used to nurture an ailing prostate.
  • Drink lot of water. Men with prostate disease avoid drinking water to reduce the incessant bathroom trips. But that isn’t right. Water is important to hydrate your system and remove toxic waste. Unsweetened fresh fruit juice is another great health drink. You can limit your consumption of water and other fluids a couple of hours before bedtime to reduce nightly bathroom visits.

A look at Super Beta Prostate testimonials will give you an idea how an aging prostate can obstruct the quality of life.Don’t wait for prostate growth as a wake-up call to modify your diet. Do it when you’re in the prime of health. Limit your consumption of alcohol, caffeine, processed and junk food. These dietary modifications ensure excellent overall health and may even delay the onset of prostate disease.

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