Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Good Prostate Doctor

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Finding a good doctor is not easy. It might be ok to find a young doctor without too much experience for the average infection but for complicated diseases like diabetes or prostate conditions, you want someone who knows the latest research and has been around a considerable amount of time. So where do you begin? When do you stop? How do you know whether you’re being too picky?

BEGIN: There are a couple of places you want to look at and here they are:

  • Online: Do a quick search on the best urologists in the nation…you might just be living next door to one of them. Some other websites like the Consumer’s Union might give you a few more names.
  • The Papers: If you still have no luck, keep an eye on your local newspaper for a couple of months. They might recommend certain doctors in your area or even have doctor reviews. All this will be relatively easy if you live in a small town but can become very complicated.
  • Prostate Cancer Organizations: Some of the more active organizations in your area might have a go to list of doctors they can easily hand you.
  • Ask your doctor: If you really trust your general physician, he might recommend a great doctor to you whom he can vouch for personally.

  • Up on the times: Doctors are supposed to always be learning—the newest procedures, the latest research and knowing about advanced technology that might help are all things that make up a good doctor. Try to find one that is excited about the advances in technology and not one that is stubbornly stuck in time—older is not always wiser.
  • Supplements: Most good doctors recognize that there is some value in natural prostate supplements. Not all of them are scams. One of the most effective ingredients in prostate supplements is beta-sitosterol that is in high amounts in super beta prostate which is no scam. You can read super beta prostate reviews and judge for yourself.
  • Care: If you can find a doctor that actually cares about you, you’ve found something rare and you have to hold on to it.

  • Stop doctor hopping: It’s awkward but it needs to be said. Sometimes patients jump from one doctor to the next just because they don’t get the diagnosis they want. You don’t want to be that guy because you want to treat what is actually wrong with you, not what you’re convinced is wrong.
  • Convenience: If you’re convinced that the doctor an hour away is better than the one near-by, then don’t compromise to save a few hours of driving. On the other hand, if there isn’t that much of a difference it is always great to have a doctor near-by.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you find the right doctor you can trust as a professional and as a friend. Remember that doctors are human too and you cannot expect them to be perfect and solve all your problems at once but like any other human relationship the doctor patient relationship needs to be founded on trust.

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