Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More than a prostate supplement

Getting tired of taking 15 pills a day is just part of being human. It is understandably very tiresome to keep track of all the medications that seniors have to take these days. Wouldn’t it be great if some of those pills could be condensed into one pill? If you’re taking a prostate supplement, wouldn’t it be better to take more than just a supplement for the prostate gland?  Let’s consider how Super BetaProstate supplement can be more for you than a simple prostate supplement.

Super Beta Prostate contains beta-sitosterol and other plant sterols in high amounts. Those are its main ingredients that have been shown to promote prostate health. Since these sterols are derived from plants, they are all natural. But that would be enough to make just a good prostate supplement.  In addition to beta-sitosterol, here are the supporting nutrients it contains.

  •       Vitamin D: There are so many ways the body uses and needs vitamin D. According to a Johns Hopkins Medicine, vitamin D plays a vital role in building immunity and preventing all kinds of disorders including prostate conditions. I’m sure all of us have been told at some point or another to get a morning walk and soak in the Vitamin D. That’s because the rays of the sun in the morning help increase Vitamin D in your body that is essential.
  •       Zinc: Zinc is believed by many to singularly be able to reduce the symptoms related to the prostate. Zinc deficiency has been thought to be one of the causes or contributors in the least to various prostate issues. But zinc is necessary for cognitive and motor function, libido and appetite.
  •       Selenium: Toxic in excess amounts, Selenium is essential for the body in trace amounts. It has recently been recognized as an element necessary for better thyroid functioning and other complex body functions.
  •       Copper: Copper is also essential for the human body in trace amounts. Copper aids the intake of iron and knowing how important iron is, can you even imagine how badly copper deficiency could affect your body?
  •       Manganese: This essential trace element is concentrated in the kidneys and liver of the human body but is also useful in the brain.
  •       Chromium: Chromium is a controversial element but some are convinced that it is also vital for sugar and fat metabolism.
  •        Molybdenum: The deficiency of this interesting element has been strongly linked with cancer of the esophagus. It is also concentrated in the kidneys and liver.
  •       Silicon: Silicon is an ultra-trace element but is thought to play an significant role in the normal growth of bone.
  •       Vanadium: Vanadium has known to influence insulin and has been used by diabetics to improve glucose control.
  •      Boron: Boron is an element that is necessary and recommended in small quantities and might help in suppression of osteoporosis.

It’s quite obvious that this supplement can do more than just support prostate health. It can provide essential nutrients for the entire body and maybe you can take one pill less everyday because of Super Beta Prostate

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