Friday, January 18, 2013

Fast Food and the fast track to a bad prostate

The fastest way to develop various prostate conditions is to live an unhealthy life style. What does that mean? What are the things that need to change in your life if you want to decrease the likelihood of developing prostate conditions that prevent you from enjoying life in the latter years? You have to face the fact that you can’t keep putting whatever you want into your mouth without long-term consequences.

Tips on eating healthy
  •  Eat a salad or fruit before and after a meal.
  • Eat smaller snacks between meals and try and eat fruits as those snacks.
  • Stop drinking sodas on a daily basis. It has been shown that people who drink a can of any soda daily are voluntarily increasing their chances of prostate cancer.
  • Cut down on the deep fried foods. Fast foods, especially deep-fried foods usually go through a lot of steps of processing and they lose nutritional value at every step. In general, buy foods that are not processed and more natural.
  • Specifically for better prostate health, find a good natural supplement like Super Beta Prostate Supplement that you trust. It will make all the different even if you start taking it before you have any prostate issues. Read Super Beta Prostate Supplement reviews and decide which way to go.
Tips on breaking bad habits

Bad Habit #1:  While Watching Football: You don’t need me to tell you that what you eat during a game of football is probably the largest quantity of unhealthy food you eat. Now you don’t have to get rid of your favorite foods but you can substitute low fat options and also add in some snacks that are actually healthy like baby carrots. Watch how much you eat because you will probably eat a lot more than you need to satiate your hunger.

Bad Habit #2:  On a road-trip: Have you noticed that sitting in a car for a long period of time makes you crave a bag of Cheetos and more food than you would eat if you were busy with everyday life? If you’re habitually drinking coke or eating chips to stay awake on a road trip, might I suggest drinking flavored water instead and snacking on nuts.

Bad Habit #3:  Home alone: The next bad habit is the way you eat when no one’s looking, when you’re home alone. Do you find yourself eating a whole gallon of ice-cream when your wife’s out for the week-end? Prostate health is not too difficult but binge eating or drinking is not going to help you stay fit.

Working out

Some men love to work out and that’s great for a healthy body and a healthy prostate too. But others have sedentary lifestyles where getting up from a chair to get coffee is the most exercise they get. For those men, I recommend finding an activity you love to do like playing soccer and getting together with people to play 3-4 times a week. Later on both your body and your prostate will thank you for this.

So we’ve seen that prostate health is as easy or as difficult as staying healthy overall and choosing to live a lifestyle that allows you to make better choices for your future, so that you can enjoy retirement without the aches and pains.

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