Monday, February 25, 2013

An Overview of the Prostate Gland

The prostate gland is a major component of the male reproductive system. Most men learn about their prostate gland much later in life, when they face a prostate health problem, or know of someone suffering from it. Sadly, it is estimated that thousands of American men who are over the age of 50 will be diagnosed with some kind of prostate issue. So here are some facts about the prostate gland and what you can do to keep it in good health.

Facts about the Prostate Gland

  • The prostate gland is roughly the size of a cherry tomato and is snuggled below the bladder. It envelops the urethra, the tube that carries sperm and urine out of the body.
  • The prostate produces a fluid that’s a major constituent of semen and is responsible for the nourishment of sperm.
  • The prostate also contains muscles which control the flow of urine.

  • The prostate continues to grow throughout a man’s life. It doubles in size during puberty and then stabilizes, till a man reaches middle age. In some men, it may undergo a second growth phase, where it may grow considerably in size. This growth may not cause problems for most men. But it can very uncomfortable for some men, and can lead to urinary problems. How? The prostate gland, as mentioned earlier, is below the bladder surrounding the urethra. When it expands, it pushes against the bladder and squeezes the urethra. This can obstruct the flow of urine. Additionally, the urge to go the bathroom increases when the bladder gets compressed.
    Here are some signs of an expanding prostate:

  • Frequent urination, which increases at night
  • Leaking after urination
  • Feeble and hesitant urine stream
  • Stopping and starting while urinating
  • Difficulty starting the urine stream
  • Inability to completely empty the bladder

  • Below are some tips you can follow to maintain a healthy prostate:

  • Eat a diet that’s low in red meat and unhealthy fats. Include lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise daily. A few minutes of exercise can work wonders for your immune system and overall health.
  • Sexual intercourse also helps keep the prostate healthy. Ejaculation flushes out the fluids and inhibits fluid buildup.
  • A Super Beta Prostate review indicates this supplement is specially formulated to foster prostate health. It contains plant esters that bind to the prostate gland and reduces inflammation. Don’t fall for Super Beta Prostate scam reviews – this supplement has helped plenty of men to reduce the number of nightly bathroom trips by improving urinary flow function.
  • Go to the bathroom as and when you feel the urge. Don’t hold back. Waiting for a long duration can harm bladder muscles.
  • Cut back on alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated drinks. They irritate the bladder and may aggravate your problem.

  • Don’t ignore your prostate. Making simple lifestyle changes can have a profound effect on prostate health. Pledge yourself to a smart way of life – eat right and exercise daily, and you will fewer or no prostate problems to deal with in later life!

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