Monday, December 24, 2012

Staying Active as you Age

Men need to stay active even as they grow older but staying active gets more difficult with each passing year. How does exercising help men in particular? Even if you were never really into working out in your younger days, here are some reasons why exercise and a good diet are the best medicine especially when you are older.

1.   Your heart: Exercise affects your heart in so many ways. Studies have shown that it helps pump more blood and so improves blood circulation that rejuvenates every cell of your body. It decreases the stiffness of your heart muscles and the stiffness of your arteries. Exercising decreases your bad cholesterol. It decreases blood pressure that tends to rise as some men age. If you have any heart disease that is hereditary or want to maintain a healthy heart, staying active is not an option. You might think that it is too much work at your age but studies have shown that if you push yourself, you can do more than you’d imagine even if age is not on your side.

2.   Your prostate: A good 20 minutes of exercise can work well for your prostate gland. It might not be talked about but the prostate is a small gland located under the bladder in men. Its size increases 4% every year past the age of 55. Once enlarged, it is difficult to manage because many urinary troubles arise. There are supplements like Super Beta Prostate that are able to help by relaxing the muscles and allowing greater urine flow. But even if you read Super Beta Prostate testimonials, you’ll see many men who wish they could have avoided the whole ordeal by eating well and exercising regularly.

3.   Your muscles and bones: With exercise and lifting weights your muscles and bones get stronger. This helps you feel a lot younger because you will be able to do the things that you did in your youth like hike up a trail with your grandkids. Bone health is vital and exercise helps increase the calcium content in bones and their strength.

4.   Other conditions that are brought on by obesity: Obesity will make your entire body weak and susceptible to all kinds of complicated conditions. It’s not about looking skinny anymore but about enjoying life. Type 2 diabetes can be brought on by obesity. But exercise decreases body fat and blood sugar levels.

5.   Your life: You know the things associated with being old that you think are inevitable? What if someone told you that you don’t have to start forgetting things, sleep less, have slower reflexes and be depressed? Exercise is not just good for your body but also for your mind. What is life without a sharp mind that’s still able to solve problems well?

So there you have more than enough reasons to start to become active. You can start with a 30 minute walk and then maybe take up swimming if running is too hard on the joints. Start playing a sport you love with younger men and stay active because your life depends on it!

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